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Monthly Archive for September, 2014


The house improvement is moving along well.  It’s sounded like living inside of a thunderstorm, with a few earthquakes thrown in for good measure.  It hasn’t been particularly restful but for the most part the work has been outside of the house. The original plan was to saw up all the old siding and use […]

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The Belfry

The new bat house arrived on Friday and I’ve decided to name it “The Belfry.”  I was gonna name it the “Bat Hilton” or “Bat Regency” but didn’t want to be hassled about copy right infringement.  Besides, this way if somebody tell us we have bats in our belfry, we can just say, “Why, yes […]

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New siding.

Our contractor friend came this morning to begin the project of replacing all the original wood siding which had been improperly installed and was unpainted and had no finish at all to protect it from warping or weathering.  Like Dan says whenever we started doing a project like this, “It’s never too late to build […]

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Something new for us.

Pickled beans. Haven’t ever tried to make this before. Each jar gets a dill flower head, and a hot pepper, both of which are from our garden.  The yellow pepper is a yellow cayenne.  We’re hoping this isn’t too much hot peppers but we’ll find out in a few weeks. I made three pints a […]

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