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Monthly Archive for May, 2024


The contractors are done with their part. We have lots of our own little finishing project things to do like repainting areas in the new room where there are scuff marks on the wall made when they installed the flooring; finishing the wood inside and out in the window seat; painting the wall where the […]

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As told from the perspective of one member of the house. Well poor little guy is hiding in the bed waiting for the interlopers to leave and things to get back to what he perceives as “normal.” Changing perspective to a different member of the household. There is good progress. The concrete board needs to […]

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What a difference a day makes.

Well a couple of weeks now, but still it seems quick! So far, so good. No drama has been created by our friends working on our repairs to the back of our house and in fact they solved a bit of drama we had been worried about for several years. So the first thing we […]

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