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Monthly Archive for August, 2021


The exterior painting is almost done. It looks so different! We may have to put up gutters but that can wait a bit until more dust settles. We pulled the video cards from both trail cameras this week. One camera captured a really dramatic picture of some leaves in the middle of the night. It […]

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Siding replacement completed!!

Yay! Mishkin doesn’t think it has been fun living inside a drum. He didn’t appreciate the nail gun at all. Neither did we but we love the results. We really hated the steel roofing. It was a hazard to navigation with snow sliding off the roof in line with the front door.   For one […]

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It has been a hard month.

I should post some pictures. This is why I haven’t done anything. This has been a rough last month. We had a tragedy in our tiny family. On Saturday July 24th our much loved macaw died. It was a horrible experience. She is buried in our garden where she will be safe from predators. I […]

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