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Monthly Archive for November, 2021

Snow?? What snow?

It is amazing what warmer weather does to snow. Earlier this morning we were completely fogged in due to the very high levels of humidity in the air caused by the melting snow. Pea soup!! It finally lifted enough to be able to see the trees to the east and the mountain beyond. It’s all […]

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Snowy day.

Today was a good day to stay inside and take it easy. It snowed all morning long but since it’s also slightly above freezing temperatures the snow didn’t amount to anything except the beauty of falling snowflakes. Love the color of this yarn and I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to go about blocking […]

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More snow pictures.

It’s still snowing lightly this morning and supposed to keep doing that very thing for the next few hours, then clear up and no doubt start melting all this lovely snow.  Can’t see any mountains at the moment, but it comes and goes as the snowfall gets lighter or heavy.       The snowplows […]

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First real snowfall.

It is a winter snow advisory (for those people who never actually look out the window) but not a storm. We are supposed to get three to five inches accumulation. And because this is the first real snow I’m making cinnamon rolls. They are sitting next to the oven raising, and a batch of sweet […]

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Sleeping cats.

Cats are champion at sleeping and Mishkin has made it an art form. We had another tiny bit of snowfall yesterday but nothing to write home about. This morning it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit and we have lots of moisture laden clouds heading our way this evening. Tomorrow it may be white when we get […]

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Termination Dust.

Termination Dust meant a lot more when we lived in Alaska. It still is cool when it shows up even though it doesn’t seem quite so daunting as winter only lasts a few months here. Saturday morning we drove over the pass and there was a light sprinkling of white dust flying around on the […]

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