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Monthly Archive for April, 2023


Mishkin has reached the old age of fifteen, which is getting up there. And he’s done it without learning a thing.

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More seedlings

All the pepper seeds germinated except for one pot with purple jalapenos. I replanted the seeds for that yesterday. And now we wait some more.

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Seedlings cont’d

Tomatoes, basil and cucumbers are all up and looking good for babies! The pepper seeds have yet to make an appearance. I need to stop giving them a hard time for being lazy. I’ve been told negativity will stunt their growth. See? Lazy pepper seeds!! Lazy!! This afternoon we’re going to plant peas, lettuce and […]

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Our first seedlings for the year. Today we’re going to plant our seed potatoes and relocate a couple of nest boxes for other future babies to utilize.

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April 1st. Surprise!

Have to love April 1st pranks. Mother Nature apparently adores them. We had to run some errands on Saturday so off to town we go. Fortunately like most April 1st jokes this was short-lived and the snow and ice had mostly melted by the time we headed back home. So we did our chores in […]

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