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Monthly Archive for September, 2023

Almost the Equinox.

The weather has turned the corner into cooler temperatures and possible rain, with snow in the higher altitudes. It snowed overnight in the Cascades, so it’s just a matter of time before it smucks us. But in the meantime, a favorite time of year is here! We picked some strawberries, a good double handful of […]

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“Pogo” has a lot of answer for in terms of warping our brains. The world famous knit model is hard at work, as usual. Both are still really spotted but almost as big as their mom. One of the babies decided to have a little siesta in some tallish grass by the garden, but his […]

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100 Rows and counting.

First 100 rows are finished. Lots more to do but since I’m being really entertained, this is a good thing. My knitting is being professionally modeled by Mish. He’s a bug in a rug, one of his most favorite places for the second afternoon nap on the couch. Nothing else is going on around here, […]

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