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Monthly Archive for January, 2017

Started on sixth ball of yarn.

Ended up taking most of this last week off from knitting, except for the stray row or two. This weekend I’ve tried to make up for being a slacker. So I figure, given my propensity to get distracted, this will take me another two or three months yet to finish. The way the pattern works […]

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It only feels like spring.

After a couple of weeks with below zero temperatures, suddenly having above freezing temperatures feels amazingly warm! So we had blueberry pancakes made with wild blueberries, and some spiced josta berry sauce and a bit of maple syrup on the side because the josta berry sauce is very tart. I took a break from shawl […]

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Another pie.

Made Dan’s favorite this time. Banana and Coconut Cream Pie. Haven’t made this in a long time. I started on the fifth ball of yarn on my shawl project.  Part way into the sixth ball of yarn I’ll reach the halfway point in the pattern.

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Easy as pie.

There was a time when making pies was one of my favorite things to do, and they always looked pretty when they came out of the oven.  Then I discovered I couldn’t handle gluten and all of that changed. But now, whining about making pies because I have to use gluten free crusts is a […]

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Starting Fourth Ball of Yarn.

Based on my assumption that I’ll need twelve balls of yarn, when I finish this one I’ll be 33% complete.  I always knew my advanced math classes would come in handy. 🙂

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Another cold snap.

Coldest low temperature we’ve seen so far this winter. I’m a couple of rows away from completing the third ball of  yarn, and I’ve completed 25%  of the pattern.  Yay!  Looks like this project is going to take twelve balls of yarn.

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