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Who knew! Our first strawberries were ready to be picked!! And it was only the middle of June.

A bit more than a pint of strawberries.

And the flour I ran out of also arrived today, in time to make a cake for the strawberries to sit on. So exciting. We’ll have a regular amount of strawberries from now until the middle of October if last year was any indication of how long we can expect the harvest to last. A lot of that depends on frost, how hard and how early. This is the banana belt for this area and we are very optimistic.

Pretty soon the bulk of the strawberries will get ripe and I’ll freeze the bulk of them so we can enjoy them for months over the winter.

Today we need to find the floating row covers. The Robins haven’t figured it out yet, that there are strawberries. This is just a matter of time and the Robins will be even happier than we were to see them.

Soon the Red Currants will be ripe. The Gooseberries take considerably longer and we won’t get to pick those until late July. There aren’t enough Josta Berries or Black Currants to get excited about this year, though the plants look great. Our Red Raspberry plants look pretty pathetic. Not sure what’s going on with them. The Black Raspberry plants look awesome and are blooming like crazy so we’ll have lots of those to play with in August.

So what else happened yesterday. Oh yeah.


Concrete arrived in the belly of a huge truck. It is very wet and dark at this point and soupy. Walking around on it without rubber boots would ruin whatever foot wear. I imagine on bare feet it would feel awful.

It took hours of hard work. Mishkin found the truck very interesting and spent a lot of time staring at it out the windows. This is surprising as normally anything like that sends him scampering for our bedroom and zipping under the covers where he looks worried until he figures it is safe to come out or I go roust him out.

Not quite half way through adding concrete to the middle of the foundation where the slab resides. They filled the trenches around the slab first and then added concrete to fill it up and level it off.
Hours later and done!
View showing where the garage will sit in relation to the house.

Today our marching orders are to water down the concrete when it gets to be hot in the middle of the day. My understanding is this will make the garage grow. I could be confused about that.

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