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Framing is complete.

The garage framing is done. It’s a simple building, four exterior walls and one interior wall separating the garage from the storage room, two personnel doors, two windows, and a garage door. Very simple.

A pile of framing materials, roofing materials, siding, and miscellaneous things with which to build the garage.

These materials sat in the yard for over a week, waiting for the concrete to dry. Watching concrete drying is a very similar experience to watching paint dry. Late last week the guys came and removed the form materials and filled in the hole in which the garage foundation was built, preparing for construction to begin.

They also kind of smoothed out the yard. Alas it remains a mess which we’ll have to fix next spring. Oh well.

Bright and early Monday morning they arrived again and began working. In very short order the first three walls were up!

The first walls were built and a majority of sheathing was applied to stabilize the walls, and doors and windows were cut into the sheathing.
The fourth wall is still laying on the garage floor. It will be nailed into place on Tuesday.

The gray pipe in the wall on the right side of picture is for the electrical service to come into the building. A panel will go above the pipe and then the building will be wired for outlets, lights and switches. That won’t be done until the roofing has been completed and doors and windows are all installed. The doors and windows have arrived and are sitting at the building supply company waiting to be delivered.

East wall of the new garage.

These are the two doors, one into the storage room and one into the garage. An interior wall will be built on Tuesday to separate the two spaces.

Roofing materials are in the front right side of this picture and the wall where the large garage door will go is partially framed but not in place.

Tuesday they finished up construction in short order and by the middle of the day they were gone. Wednesday the roof trusses will be delivered and the truss company let us know they have three deliveries in this area so we will either be first, last, or in the middle. There’s really nothing as refreshing as clear and concise communication showing a high degree of organization with some companies.

What a difference a day makes! All framing is complete.
Nice view to the east from the garage window.

The Aspen tree obscures the front porch. There will be a sidewalk on this side of the garage and then it will run across the front of our house to the porch.

Interior wall is built, defining the two spaces within the building.
Two buildings now adjacent to each other and a poor dead plum tree.

Next year we will replace this tree and might fence the front yard with tall fencing similar to the garden fence. That will make it possible to plant flowers and other bushes and also perhaps to set up our bird feeders for year-round. It will keep the deer out of the yard as they pretty much adore any flowers planted in this area. It might also discourage the bears and skunks from having parties on our front porch.

While all this building has been happening, or paint was drying, we were also doing other things, mainly strawberry related. June 18th was a pretty good harvest!

Strawberries, cake and a small batch of saved berries to be covered with chocolate.

Since this harvest we’ve had a couple of other larger harvests, most of which have been cleaned and frozen for the coming winter. The ones that didn’t get frozen were dessert on those days.

My goal is to be able to have strawberries and shortcake once a week through the winter and into the spring, until June when the new berries are ripe. It’s a good goal! I’m up to three weeks into February so far.

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