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“Pogo” has a lot of answer for in terms of warping our brains.

The world famous knit model is hard at work, as usual.

Row 200 completed yesterday. Already up to 208 now and that’s officially one third done with my project.
The twins are still hanging around and they are getting so big!

Both are still really spotted but almost as big as their mom. One of the babies decided to have a little siesta in some tallish grass by the garden, but his sibling was bouncing around in the grass to the east of the garden and keeping this baby’s attention- he couldn’t even really settle in and relax with all that going on.

A look of concern on his face.

A moment later, he couldn’t stand it anymore and ran off to see why his twin was running races without him.

Nothing else going on around here. We are enjoying the nicest late summer/early fall weather we’ve ever seen around here. All the smoke from fires has cleared out, the sky is a brilliant blue and temperatures are in the 70’s. Fall colors are starting already. Some of the Rocky Mountain Maples are turning. Lovely.

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