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We have three fawns that we see every day, a pair of twins and a single. When they all get together in our front yard they demonstrate the scientific principal of kinetic energy as they bounce off each other, the ground, blades of grass, and the occasional (ha!) grasshopper. Obviously their mothers are friends. The babies also try to nurse off both does which doesn’t exactly work out the way they think it should. It’s quite funny.

Their moms drop them off in our yard. We are running a nursery!

One of the twins laying in the short grass next to the house.

They are such beautiful little guys!

Both fawns, one is laying down in the much taller grass.

This fawn has figured out his picture is being taken, so he’s posing nicely.

Even in short grass they sort of blend in.

Their mom was in our driveway by the gate while the babies were kicking back for a quick rest break. Shortly thereafter their mom must have called them, and they both joined her for a quick drink of some milk, and then they all wandered off. They were joined by the other doe with her fawn so much fun will be had by all.

The drought has turned all the grass very dry and brittle. Fire danger is now very high. But on the bright side it’s not extreme fire danger! A few more days of over 100F degree temperatures will do the trick.

We will be harvesting all the sweet onions this weekend and I’ll be processing them for eating this next year. With any luck we’ve grown enough to last until the next year harvest is completed!

Tomatoes have turned white! Reading about why this happened, it appears it’s a combination of intense sunlight and high temperatures. We don’t know if they will still turn red, or stay white. Strange!

The grasshoppers are here in great numbers and we have two hen Wild Turkeys with eleven half-grown babies between them. One hen as eight and the other has three. Obviously the one with eight is a better mom when it comes to protecting her chicks, or she is just luckier. They move through the grass nibbling on seeds and catching grasshoppers and everybody is quietly talking excitedly about how cool it all is.

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