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Sneaking up on things

Just last week spring was here.  Granted, no flowers were blooming yet, and for that matter they still aren’t blooming.  And then winter snuck up on us again.

Snow has swirled around, a couple of inches accumulates and then melts and then returns.

Just last week all this ground was bare of snow.

It has been snowing again off and on all day today, and predicted to continue doing that for the next couple of days.  Spring is sneaking up on winter though; and the Equinox is only 10 days away.

Birds are sneaking north.  We’ve seen Robins, Varied Thrush, Mountain Bluebirds, Meadowlarks, Song Sparrow, and heard Great Horned Owls,  Pygmy Owls (often), and Saw-whet Owls.  Hummingbirds in six weeks!!!!!!  It’s totally amazing to think that there will be green grass and flowers in just that long.

Recently we’ve had eagles hanging around our place, much to Opal’s dismay who is of the opinion they are trying to sneak up on her and eat her.  She tell us immediately when she sees these large predators, occasionally when they are still outside of our ability to see them.

This adult Golden Eagle had won the high ground and sneaking up to take a picture is not easy! Eagle-eyed does have a basis in fact.

Perched on the tippy top of a pine tree, the winds challenged this eagle to stay there.

The gold on the back of the head of a Golden Eagle is distinctive.

Speaking of sneaking up on things, here is Mishkin attempting to sneak up on a mouse which he had cleverly released in the kitchen so that he would have more fun catching it again.

There was on flaw in his master plan. The mouse just wasn't that into the whole catch and release concept of play.

Mish couldn't figure out why he wasn't able to fit underneath this furniture. After all he remembers being able to do that.

Mish did pay for letting the mouse go.  He spent the entire day trying to entice his little playmate out from under the furniture.  The story has a happy ending from our perspective in that the mouse did end up being caught.  Mish has a new nickname given to him by Dan – Rodent-releaser.

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    That first photo looks sort of December-ish!!

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