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Cheese cushions.

It’s time to make one of our most favorite bread recipes. It’s amazing what happens when I’m not being obsessed with knitting all day long.

I have fiddled with this recipe off and on for years because I can’t seem to resist doing that, and it’s gluten free. This is the stickiest dough and it gets on everything. The benefit though, of being gluten free, is that I don’t have to let it rise first. Make the cheese filling first, divide it into fourths and set it aside. Make the dough and divide it into four parts and then divide each quarter into four little balls of dough and set all the dough aside covered with more plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. Then I can make sixteen rolls.

First four rolls completed and ready to divide the next fourth of bread dough into four more balls of dough.

I use a lot of plastic wrap making these because it is so incredibly sticky. One benefit of this is that the rolling pin stays clean. Washing my hands between every four rolls keeps my cup of tea clean as well.

Roll out each sixteenth ball of dough between two pieces of plastic wrap and then put a sixteenth of the filling in the middle and fold it all up.
Filling is now all enclosed in dough.
Added to the greased large baking dish to await it’s compatriots.
Two balls of dough left!

Halfway done. Yay! Time to wash hands yet again and then drink some tea.

All finished. Cover the dish with yet more plastic wrap and pop it into the oven on the bread proof setting, and wait.

Done rising and ready to bake.

Now the hard part. Waiting 25 minutes.

Done baking! Some cheese always escapes no matter how careful I am making the rolls.

The good news is one can eat the evidence.

The recipe book says to wait until the rolls are cool to eat them.

As if!!

Yesterday a new desk we ordered, and a chair, arrived. We assembled both and Oro is extremely happy to have his favorite human closer for conversations and the occasional head pet.

Oro is waiting almost patiently for his little piece of cheese cushion. I better get with the program.

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