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Humans 38, Weeds 5,290,876

We have a new plan.

We built the arbors, a rose arbor at the gate into the garden, and a grape arbor for a shaded seating area.


Eventually we will put paving stones in the grape arbor to give us a flat surface for our chairs. It will take some of the thrill out of sitting down and wondering if the chair is going to fall over sideways, but progress does take thrills out of things.

The weeds are absolutely amazing, and trying to keep them in check is going to be impossible with the current garden plan. So, we are going to put landscape cloth all over the back half of the garden, and cover it with a few inches of bark mulch or sawdust, whichever we can get next spring in a truckload. Or maybe this fall… the weight limits on roads during the spring may be an issue. Have to think about that. That will let our fruit trees and bushes grow without having to compete with such aggressive weeds.

In the front half of the garden, we will have to bring in a rototiller and then build raised beds. Under each raised bed, we will put 1/4 inch wire mesh. That will thwart the pocket gophers and ground squirrels. In between the raised beds, we’ll put down more landscaping cloth and more bark mulch or sawdust.

These two things combined will help keep weeds down to a dull roar, and manageable. Plus it will make the garden look spiffy!

Inside the house, we have added a new dining room table and chairs to the sunroom

Without the center leaf, the table is round instead of oval. It's a solid wood table, black walnut, and the chairs are very comfortable and roll around. And no more wobbly table that threatens to tip over any cup or glass set upon it.

We moved the old antique table upstairs and now I have a place for working on a puzzle, or drawing or painting, or laying out any other project that I want to do.

In another couple of weeks we are adding an island to the kitchen. We picked up the top of the island from Spokane, and are waiting for the cabinets to arrive. More drawers for storing pans will be a very welcome addition. And it will be a great place to sit next to the wood stove in the winter, while I’m working.

Progress can be good!

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