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At least that is what the calendar says.  Hopefully they packed some flannel jammies for the cold nights!  It has been a very cold month so far.

April 5th we woke up to a very heavy, wet and thickly falling two inches of snow.

Solar gain? Nah, just taking the day off from power production.

That day was very gray, and even though the snow didn’t last very long, it was sure a surprise to wake up and see everything white again outside the windows.

This time of year the morning sky can be exceptional with sunrise saturated views.  Yesterday was a good example.  The colors in the sky remind me of this new yarn I just acquired without a real specific project in mind but just because I loved the colors.

Sunlight illuminating high light clouds while we were still in the mountain shadow, and super saturating the distant sky.

This morning the snow continued to fall, turning the ground white albeit only briefly, and filling the air with snowflakes.

Absolutely pouring, so thick it actually accumulates on the ground.

I really need super high speed to catch the fat and speedy flakes. They are very blurry.

Our daffodils poked their heads up above ground and said, collectively, "You've GOT to be kidding!!" and they haven't grown an inch since then. This morning's snowfall, pictured here, has done nothing to encourage them.

Our local pet bunny is turning to his summer coat rapidly.  This picture was taken over the weekend, and already only a few days later he’s almost entirely brown, except for his feet which remain snow white.  I’m sure he can’t believe the snow keeps falling, either.  It interferes with finding yummy short green grass to munch.

Yummmmmmmmmmmm green grass and invisibility. What more could a bunny ask for?

We had a Goshawk in the yard a couple of days ago.  Oh, and did I mention we had a Great Gray Owl visiting? 🙂

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  1. Kerry says:

    Where was the Great Gray Owl again? Hahahahaha. And, I bet ya’ll cannot wait for the Hummers to start up again. That’ll keep Dan busy!!

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