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Framing is complete.

The construction framing is done and the garage is dried in! Given the number of garage buildings we see in this county that are in this exact condition, technically we could be done. But we aren’t; we are probably setting a bad example.

Next week the electrician will be here and we’ll have power to the building. We have both interior and exterior lights and heaters for the electrician to install.

Yesterday the roof framing was completed and the waterproof covering was nailed into place.
Today they added the exterior waterproof covering for the building itself.

They won’t be back for a little while, having other jobs to do while we wait for a roofing component to arrive. All we have left in the yard are two piles of materials. One is metal roofing and one is concrete board siding. They could have done the metal roofing but one component was missing and of course it was the thing that goes on first. So, we wait for that to come in.

We need to get paint for the exterior, but there’s no hurry at the moment. Rats.

Yesterday I started working on finishing the window seat.

Stain was applied to the top, and the first coat of varnish was applied and left to dry.

Both are water based and so there’s little in the way of odor and no noxious gases are being released.

Today I need to sand it and apply the second coat of varnish, and then decide if it needs to be sanded again and another coat of varnish. We need to get quarter-round molding for the side and back edges. We will be lining the interior of the box with aromatic cedar boards and that will finish this little project.

Today Dan also picked red currants.

First actual harvest, prior to getting cleaned.
Stems and leaves removed.

There still aren’t enough currants to make jelly so I will just freeze these and add them to the harvest from next season. The plants still have a lot of growing to do and they are also putting on new stems which will produce a good amount of fruit.

Lots of strawberries to be picked tomorrow. No rest for the wicked, apparently.

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