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Red sky at morning?

Sailors take warning, but what about when you’re in the middle of mountains? It doesn’t mean anything good here, either!

We’ve been under a red flag warning for extreme fire danger for several days due to high temperatures of 100F and over, and strong winds. It’s a perfect recipe for forest fires if people are careless and/or stupid. What are the odds of people being careless or stupid? Just watch YouTube!

No new fires near us but there are quite a view in the vicinity and they are making their presence known by giving us smoke. We can tell the fires aren’t near because it doesn’t actually smell smoky outside, it just looks awful.

Sun coming up over the trees, just barely, and it was dark orange.

Unfortunately the camera on the phone sort of blocked out the sun so it isn’t visible in the picture. The smoke is not thick enough to completely erase the mountains to the east, but they are very foggy and indistinct looking.

All the grass is so dry it kind of crunches when you walk on it. And a bazillion grasshoppers fly up around our feet. Where are the herds of turkeys this morning? They need to get busy feasting!

So all the humans around here are walking on eggshells and keeping an eye out for fires. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 20 degrees cooler and that will help a lot! Rain may come our way on Monday. That will help a lot too as long as it’s without lightning and winds.

We still have two hummingbirds hanging around. All the others have hit the highway south. Fall is almost upon us. Tomatoes are getting ripe and we’re enjoying feasting on them.

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