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The first real snowfall for winter melted.  That was our cue to hurry up and get all the rest of our outdoor chores completed.  We scattered the remainder of the grass seeds in areas where the grass we planted didn’t take, but weeds did!  The chipmunks are all sleepy-bye now and the seeds will have a chance to grow next year, instead of making our local population of chipmunks look like funny colored tennis balls with head, feet and tail, rolling about the yard and squeaking.

We also planted several baby Juniper trees on the edge of the lawn, between the house and the driveway.  They won’t get bombarded by snow sliding off the roof and the surrounding trees should provide some shelter.  Hopefully they were dormant before we planted them.

It wasn't snowing when we woke up, and we had green grass and a visible sidewalk.

It started snowing shortly after it got light outside, and it kept snowing until mid-day, by which time we had at least three inches of fluffy wet snow.  Next on the agenda, Monday temperatures are forecast to be -4F for the low (-20C – sounds colder, doesn’t it?) and that means that winter has arrived.

And how!

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